Exhibitions 2008

Restored Estonia
The exhibition “Restored Estonia” is on the one hand dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. On the other hand, the exhibition is a deep bow to the people who have preserved the items that originate from the Republic of Estonia before the Soviet occupation, and restored them.

Kadriorg and Baroque. Life on the Borders of Dreams
Today, two park spaces with different approaches can be seen in Kadriorg park – a regulated park and a national park. The regulated park – the Upper and Lower park – work with the palace ensemble. The regulated park in front of the palace remained unattended until the beginning of the 20th century. At that point some of the diagonal pathways were sodded and the groves were thickened a bit. As a result of additional planting, a dark garden was obtained, where the regulated nature of the structure only persisted as a network of pathways. By now, the Upper Garden, or the so-called Flower Garden, has been arranged, the Lower Garden awaits for arranging.

Colours and Threads of Turkey. Timeless Creations by Gönül Paksoy
Gönül Paksoy is one of the most original fashion designers in contemporary Turkey. In his creation, Paksoy unites natural colours and historical Turkish fabrics with modern fashion ideas. Using natural colours and new and old hand-woven fabrics in costumes adds timelessness to the artist’s creation, bringing to mind thoughts of recycling and an ecologically clean and sustainable lifestyle.