Exhibitions 2009

Treasures of Lost Times
Egyptian, Greek and Near-East Antiquities in the Museums and Private Collections of Estonia.
The exhibition is a trip to a time thousands of years ago, when Egypt was ruled by pharaohs, the Sumerians wrote their texts on clay tablets and the Greeks painted delightful vases. There are no photos or films of high culture dating back thousands of years that would make understanding the people of the time and their thought less difficult. Our image of ancient Egypt and the Sumerian civilization has developed piece by piece in the course of time, accompanied by heated discussions, numerous discoveries and mistakes. Each new discovery of a text carved in stone in hieroglyphs or on a slate tablet in cuneiform helps us to come nearer to an understanding of the past, but at the same time we cannot forget that this is nothing but a mosaic, with many missing pieces. This is an inevitable and insurmountable problem. The exhibition consists, virtually, of pieces of high cultures from the past, whereas each piece also carries significant importance as a fragment.