Exhibitions 2010

Road to Reval. 19th Century Estonian Art from Private Collections
The exhibition, assembled in cooperation with private collections and galleries, presents important examples of Estonian and Baltic painting treasures, brought to Estonia with the help of the St Lucas gallery. The exhibition includes works from K. T. von Neff, J. Hagen-Schwarz, E. Liphart, O. Hoffmann, E. von Gebhardt, E. Dücker, G. von Bochmann, J. Köler, A. Weizenberg and others. It also includes the most valuable purchase in 2009 of the Art Museum of Estonia: three family portraits by the 18th century master Michael Ludwig Claus.

Tension. German Expressionism from the Collection of the Art Museum of Estonia

“Tension” presents the works of German expressionists (M. Beckmann, G. Grosz, F. Marc, E. Nolde and others) and their most famous contemporaries (e.g. M. Liebermann), which have made their way to the Art Museum of Estonia via the past generosity of private collectors. The biggest of these is a collection of 54 sheets that belonged to the furniture magnate Martin Luther and his wife Francesca. The exhibition also includes works from classics of the era, such as K. Kollwitz, P. Klee and O. Dix, provided by the collections of the Estonian Literary Union, Alfred Rõude and Voldemar Puhk.

Samson and Delilah. A History of an Italian Painting

The focus of the one-painting exhibition is “Samson and Delilah”, a work from the school of the 17th century Naples artist Andrea Vaccaro. In addition to the painting, which has gone through a complete restoration in recent years at the hands of conservators, the exhibition will include a documentary that will reveal the process of the metamorphosis: the international study of the painting, the work of Estonian and Italian conservators, and the inspirational message of the story of Samson and Delilah.