Exhibitions 2012

A Collector’s Passion. Silver and Prints from the Reinans Collection
In 2012, the Art Museum of Estonia received a priceless gift: the Reinans family donated a large collection of 17th to 20th century silver works of art and a selection of prints collected by Alur Reinans, who lived most of his life in Sweden. The exhibition displays this donation for the first time: decorative items made by silversmiths in Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and many other cities, tableware and utility items, as well as 19th century prints of Estonian subjects and Eduard Wiiralt’s post-war works. On the occasion of the exhibition, the Art Museum of Estonia will publish a voluminous and thorough catalogue on the art collection.

Time of Clocks. Historical Clocks from Estonian Collections
The display presents historical clocks, including a few truly rare ones. Besides the age of the clocks, the exterior of the exhibits is fascinating as well, indicating elements in style history.

Limelight. Theatre and Theatricality in Art

Through 17th–19th century Western European graphic art, the exhibition studies the relations between theatre and fine art, which have enriched and inspired each other for centuries.