Exhibitions 2015

Lavater’s Book of Faces. An Enlightenment Era Glance at People and Art
The exhibition looks at portraiture through the eyes of the Swiss-born Enlightenment-era physiognomist and genius Johann Caspar Lavater (1741–1801). We pose an intriguing question: do a person’s facial features reveal his character and abilities?

Folded World. Fans from the Collections of the Art Museum of Estonia
The historical 18th- to 20th-century fans reveal a whole miniature world, from social life and customs to mythology and politics. The display gives an overview of the diverse collection of fans and related works of art in the museum, providing a great introduction to the position this accessory has held in the history of art and fashion.

True Art or a Fake?
The exhibition examines and analyses the concepts of original, copy, forgery, imitation, etc., attempting to explain the intricate relations between these notions, their origins and historical reception. The original of a work of art does not have to be unique, and a copy can be truly original.

The Art of Comedy. The Theatre Month Exhibition on commedia dell’arte
This exhibition, which is dedicated to Theatre Month, brings to viewers Jacques Callot’s (1592–1635) elaborate series of prints after the tradition of commedia dell’arte, and contemporary sculptures by Boriss Ivanov after the characters on the engravings.