Exhibitions 2016

Might and Pain. Works from Margus Punab’s Collection
.10.2016 – 26.03.2017
The art collection of Margus Punab is extraordinary for a number of reasons: the total number of works, the importance of the artists represented and, above all, the principle behind the collection. The focus is not just on art, but on human beings or, to be more exact, on man. The pain and joy of becoming-being-remaining human is what these works by Estonian artists tell us about.

Patrons of Narva. The Art Collection of the Lavretsovs
The Narva Museum houses the second largest foreign art collection in Estonia. Its nucleus is made up of works left to the museum by Sergey and Glafira Lavretsov. Despite the fact that the collection contains works by well-known Russian artists, such as Ivan Aivazovsky, Leo Lagorio and Vladimir Makovsky, it is not widely known. The exhibition provides an overview of the collection.