Exhibitions 2017

In the Roman Style. Mannerist Graphic Art in Estonian Collections
21.10.2017 –11.03.2018
By the mid-16th century, Mannerism had become the prevailing art style in Europe, and Rome was its most prominent art centre. Through printed art, news of the new art reached the broader public. The exhibition examines the role of printed graphic art as the populariser of examples and the harmoniser of pictorial language.
Curators: Greta Koppel and Anu Allikvee

Meissen. The World in Porcelain
Porcelain figurines and tableware from the Museum of MEISSEN® Art in Dresden will be displayed in Estonia for the first time. The valuable porcelain items, which are related to the court culture of Saxony, as well as Russia, reflect the tastes, values and politics of the day.
Curator: Aleksandra Murre

30 Colourful Years. The Sadolin Art Collection
Among private collections, the Sadolin art collection stands out due to its long history and high quality. Supporting established and young emerging Estonian artists is one of Sadolin’s most important activities. A selection of the collection is on display in this jubilee exhibition.
Curator: Aleksandra Murre