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30 Colourful Years. The Sadolin Art Collection

30 Colourful Years. The Sadolin Art Collection

Time: 08.04.17–07.05.17  10:00–17:00
Location: Mikkel Museum

The Sadolin Art Collection, which was established in 1990, only three years after the EKE Sadolin paint company was founded, is one of the oldest and most noteworthy company-owned collections in Estonia. The collection includes works by most of the artists who have produced the palette of Estonian art during the last few decades. During its 30 years of operation, supporting actively working and emerging Estonian artists has been one of Akzo Nobel Baltics Ltd (former ES Sadolin Ltd) most important courses of action. Over time, the art collection, which was started as an investment opportunity, has become a part of the company’s identity and a timeless asset that unites its employees and people associated with the company. The acquisition of art was followed by the recognition and support of artists in the form of art prizes.

The exhibition includes most of the collection, which totals 60 works. This turns a new page in the exhibition programme of the Mikkel Museum: the presentation of collections that belong to institutions and where important contributions to the images of these companies or institutions are made by the works, the principles of their acquisition and the ways they are presented.

Coordinator: Aleksandra Murre

Mall Nukke. Estonian Times. 1996. Sadolin collection