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Meissen. The World in Porcelain

Meissen. The World in Porcelain

Time: 27.05.17–08.10.17  10:00–17:00
Location: Mikkel Museum

The exhibition Meissen. The World in Porcelain is a tribute to collector Johannes Mikkel. His art collection, which was donated the Art Museum of Estonia, comprises the permanent exhibition of the Mikkel Museum, which was opened in 1997 in the former kitchen building of the Kadriorg Palace. This year marks 20 years of the museum’s operation, and on this occasion, the exhibition halls will be filled with delicate and beautiful figurines of animals, people and gods, as well as finely painted dishes all produced by the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory. The exhibition is inspired by the pieces from Johannes Mikkel’s collection, and therefore will not cover the entire history of Meissen porcelain nor provide a thorough survey of the factory’s many areas of production. We have selected pieces from the Museum of MEISSEN® Art that Johannes Mikkel would have loved to see in his collection but which he was unable to acquire for various reasons. The exhibition includes all or most of items from the series that are represented in the Mikkel Collection by only one or two pieces. Thus, the exhibition serves as an expansion of the permanent display, helping the visitor understand Johannes Mikkel’s great admiration for Meissen porcelain. In the permanent exhibition on the second floor of the Mikkel Museum, the objects that inspired the exhibition have been labelled “Meissen. The World in Porcelain”.

Curator: Aleksandra Murre
Designer: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic designer: Mari Kaljuste

Hoopoe with Cockchafer. 1926. Model: 1736/1741, artists J. G. Ehder and J. J. Kändler. Museum of MEISSEN® Art