Mikkel Museum 25. Oriental Porcelain Permanent exhibition

Mikkel Museum
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Figure of a Bijin (beauty) in the Imari colour scheme. Japan. Ca 1750. Porcelain. Art Museum of Estonia, Johannes Mikkel’s collection
Permanent exhibition

Mikkel Museum 25. Oriental Porcelain

Partial renewal of the permanent exhibition

A museum dedicated to the private collection of Johannes Mikkel was opened as a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia in 1997. In 2022, the Mikkel Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a special programme, which kicks off with the opening of the renewed display of oriental porcelain. The new exhibition gives greater prominence to the stories of how the objects came to be part of Mikkel’s collection and the history, function and creation of the objects on display.

Curator: Greta Koppel
Exhibition design: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic design: Mari Kaljuste