Treasures of Lost Times



At the exhibition, viewers will have the chance to see antiquities from the Egyptian, Greek, Near-Eastern and Pre-Columbian American cultures, which can be found in Estonian museums and in private collections. The exhibition will be open until the end of 2009.


There are no photos or films of high culture dating back thousands of years that would make understanding the people of the time and their thoughts less difficult. Our images of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia have developed piece by piece over the course of time, accompanied by heated discussions, numerous discoveries and mistakes. Each new discovery of a text carved in stone in hieroglyphs, or a clay tablet with cuneiform writing, helps us to come nearer to an understanding of the past, but at the same time we cannot forget that this is nothing but a mosaic with many missing pieces.


Virtually, the exhibition “Treasures of Lost Times” consists of pieces of high cultures from the past, whereas each piece carries significant importance also as a fragment. We do not know, for example, who the stoneware made in Egypt 5000 years ago belonged to, who wore the fine Sumerian amulet that dates back to approximately the same period, or who owned the beautifully painted Greek vases. But we can admire examples of high skill in artisanship dating back to ancient times.


The exhibition will be accompanied by “Saturday academies” in the Mikkel Museum on the penultimate Saturday of each month. Further explanations on the idea and the realization of the exhibition will be available


Exhibition curated by: Pekka Erelt

Designed by: Laika, Belka & Strelka (LBS)

The realisation of the exhibition “Treasures of Lost Times” was achieved thanks to the enthusiasm of the Kadriorg Art Museum, the Mikkel Museum, and the Estonian Art Museum, and with the support of the Estonian Cultural Foundation.