Johannes Mikkel was an Estonian art collector who gave his extensive art collection to the Art Museum of Estonia. Nowadays, you can admire the paintings, prints and ceramics he owned in a museum bearing his name: the Mikkel Museum. In order to bring the diverse art collection, consisting of 16th- to 20th-century Western European, Russian, Chinese and Estonian art, closer to children, we offer museum lessons for different age groups and also for students with special needs, both in connection with the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions.

Our focus is on collecting art, its value and ways of preserving artworks. We can take preschoolers and elementary-level schoolchildren on a fairytale journey to the wonderful world of art. Older students can explore the basics of art collecting based on the permanent display and think about how art collectors have been affected by when and where they live. The choice of lesson topics linked to temporary displays is rather extensive.

Educational programmes include a creative work that reinforces newly acquired knowledge and offers children the joy of creation and discovery.

The choice of museum lessons is available on our Estonian homepage.

Lessons can be booked in Estonian and Russian. If you are interested in an English-language class, please get in touch with us and we will try to meet your needs


Siiri Saarik